Gina Update 030808


In case you’re wondering, this is the only picture that we have of BB right now, the girl that is being ministered to at the hospital. Thanks to Janelle, who was willing to look at 1200 pictures to find this one, we all get to share in the joy of it. I think what is most amazing about this picture is that BB is only 15 years old and only weighs around 50 lbs. She’s nothing more than a feather soaking wet, hence the results of fulminating TB. Now that’s pretty sad if you ask me.

It’s Saturday morning here and the boys and I have managed to enjoy a good night’s sleep, although we have no electricity. One of the things that I just can’t get over is how early I’m going to bed and how I pretty much am sleeping all night. Something just seems very strange about that to me. However, after 45 minutes of trying to play Scrabble against myself (and with the boys of course) it just seems as if my body is dying to go to sleep. I guess this is kind of like what life used to be like in the “Stone Age” or something like that. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if it was up to me to build a fire as a cave woman every time someone wanted a cup of tea, I would probably be sleeping 24 hours a day. Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly, but probably not all that much. Let’s just face the truth which is that living under these kinds of circumstances takes a fair amount of energy. It’s probably what farm life is like, minus the electricity and fancy machinery.

So, despite missing Carl and the gang pretty significantly, I’m trying to find some words to live by in the book of Leviticus, where I happen to be doing my daily devotions in. If anyone else who’s reading this happens to really LOVE reading the book of Leviticus, feel free to write and let me know about your experience. As for my experience, although I’m totally convinced that God put the contents there for a reason (and a good one at that), it’s taking some energy to read every chapter and verse. By the way, I don’t think God is going to be upset with me for saying that! I will say this, one of the amazing points in the book of Leviticus that I think so many people miss out on is realizing that our sin isn’t just covered over by the cross, but rather, it’s REMOVED by the cross. Think about it. When you cover up something, it’s still there but you just can’t see it anymore. But when something is removed, it’s gone forever. For some people who are reading this, that doesn’t seem to mean a whole lot maybe, but for me, it makes living on the other side of the world from our friends and family, all the more worthwhile! Now, back to the website and email crisis in my life.

Gina for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

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