Gina Update 031308

Great news! Carl and the team have made it back safely and had a good night of sleep, despite hours of no electricity and no shower! As I speak, they are out at a local brick camp doing a medical outreach and feeling very encouraged about their time here being well spent.

I continue to get emails from many of you who are keeping up with BB’s happenings and who continue to pray faithfully for her. This is such a blessing. I intend to write a full update on how she’s doing directly, but will need to wait to catch my breath first. I feel very encouraged right now with having some very close friends visiting and with the fact that I’m certain that God is speaking to me very clearly right now about why BB is here and why we’re caring for her.

As I write, BB is laying down in the dining room, on a bed, with her legs tied to one of our window frames, and bags of lentils tied to the end of each leg rope. I’ve washed her hair, given eveyrthing else a wash up and now she’s playing UNO with herself. God spoke to me today about her and I’m almost certain I heard him whisper into my ear that BB would never walk again.

I told Carl, “I think that God told me that BB will never walk again,” and Carl says, “I know honey and that’s ok!” That’s why we have Carl here, to keep me straight-side up and remind me that God is completely aware of even bones that don’t exist.

Carl says that BB is missing whole parts of her leg bones on X-ray because of the TB. Carl’s very wise about these things and says, “Does everyone in the world have to walk or do you need to walk down here if you decide to love Jesus with all your heart, which is a guarantee that you’ll walk in heaven?” As I said, that’s why we have Carl here… to lend some common practical sense to things that don’t seem all that sensible.

Holding on to Jesus today with both hands and ten toes! I think it’s ok to say that somedays, even though you’re holding on tight, you’re standing in a puddle of teardrops cause it hurts so bad. I’m convinced God understands.

Gina for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

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