Danner Update 032108

Dear All,

Happy Easter!!! We will go to church then to an “appointment/lunch invitation” then move out of John’s house and into a hotel to join the Jewish Voice team for 2 weeks. The first week will be here in the “Jewish ghetto of Kechene” followed by a week in Gondar. We will get Saturdays off—and an “arrangement” has been made to visit the International Church Monthly Bazaar here in Addis and then from Gondar go to Lollibella where there are churches carved into/out of solid rock.We are having a morning off. Must go to the Dental Training Center to teach the clincal part of our course to small groups.

We originally were to go to Soddo Christian Hospital to train 1 dental nurse; but the plan was changed to send him/Matthew here to Addis. He arrived Monday and we have kept him busy learning. He said he is learning a lot; but seems well trained with good experience and skills plus he describes a fairly nicely equipped dental clinic. In fact he has an Xray machine and can take and develop Xrays which the Dental Training Center (DTC from now on) students are just now learning from Dr Edna the Phillipino dentist from Doha Quatar is teaching them now for the first time.

She said the Xray machine is cracked and leaking and tied to the ceiling with rope/twine/string to keep it from dropping down too far. The patient’s have to hold it in the proper position and up until she started they had no developer or fixer nor film to take or develop radiographs. She also shared that many students not assigned to her small groups after the group lecture were trying to crowd in. Also the Chinese dentists assigned there on an exchange program discovered Xrays were being taken and wanted them for their patients. She is strict and ordered all the extra students and Chinese out of her room. She said she has learned to be really strict in the 200 dentist clinic where she runs the radiology clinic. She said Arabic dentists will come in and treat her badly and sometimes throw the films on the floor and spit. She calming tells them to pick them up; but the often refuse and threaten to take a complaint to the superiors. She tells them leave the film and spit as is and request the superiors to come and see how they dishonor her and then see what happens. She only has a few months left on her contract and may move on to other things—perhaps more work here.

We regret that she and Susan will be leaving before orginally planned—so they won’t be part of Jewish Voice. Susan got a call this 3:30 AM to tell her she has a firm chance to go to Canada; but must first take “immigrant” training prior to going. Maybe she will be able to visit us sometime; but will be Alberta which is western Canada and far from Virginia.

I have not shared that we don’t have TV; but only miss the news. In the evenings we play cards or especially enjoy DVD’s projected onto the wall. We have watched documentaries on the WWII which showed how Ethiopia was invaded by the Italians shortly after Germany took Czechoslavakia without resistance. Halie Sallasie appealled to the League of Nations for help and they basically turned their backs on him (partly because he was African). He warned them if it wasn’t stopped in Ethiopia much of Africa and maybe Europe and Asia might fall.

We’ve even watched some Earnest (Know what I mean Vern?); but our favorite is episodes of season 1 of Alias. We may try to buy or borrow other seasons since we are hooked on it now. Any offers to loan them to us perhaps in exchange for seasons of 24?

We had to go to the pharmacy to buy some eyedrops for Janet’s itchy eye. We purchased a bottle of ant-inflammatory and also one with medicine for 48birr which is about $4.80. Probably would be at least $20 by prescription on our plan in US. If it doesn’t get better we will ask the eye docs coming for Jewish Voice next week their opinion. Stayed tuned for the continuing sagas! In His Love,

Dee for Arise Dental Missions (Ethiopia)