Gina Update 042608

Great news! The dental team is doing well and has had an amazing experience! However, it hasn’t ended up being in the Mustang. Unfortunately, after several “day-long” flight cancellations, the team surrendered and decided to do local outreaches instead. As a result, they have been able to help many locals in the Pokhara region that otherwise, would not be able to afford access to dental care. They are due back in tomorrow and I’m sure will have some amazing stories to share. God is so faithful, always and forever.

By the way, Sune Maya sure looks mighty fine in her pink uniform shirt. Now, if only the bottom half of her uniform gets completed, she will really look high and tight. I would also like to share an amazing testimony, in that Prakash Man hasn’t vomitted in 48 hours now. Wow! It’s got to be all of you praying and nothing else. Mind you, there were a few close calls, but God has intervened each and every time. We’ll try to see if we’re able to get him to eat something other than bread and bananas today at lunchtime. 

It’s beautiful in Nepal today but the temperature is rising daily. Mosquitos can be seen flying in and about the house as dusk approaches, hence the mosquito burners are in full swing. We’re able to celebrate in the smallest of things and plan little treats along the way. We pray for our family and friends back home almost daily and are seeking our way through the Book of Numbers. Somedays it feels like Nepal is winning, but as of late, it really feels as if God is the one who’s in charge completely. I love it when that happens! Don’t you?

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