Gina Update 051608

You know, sometimes life hits us with things we really don’t expect. Like a week ago when Mom and Dad gave me a ten day notice that I was going back to America and I was expected to have school done by the time our plane left the tarmac. Life also can do rapid-fire, like when the internet that my school and I depend on went down. Or when my math teacher William went on a journey of his own without giving me little warning.

Now, don’t think I don’t like Nepal. I enjoy seeing things that your average person doesn’t in their whole lifetime, let alone at age 13. I also enjoy my breaks from school that other kids could only dream about, like hiking in the Himalayas or training with a Disaster International Relief Team (DIRT) in the remote hills of Gorkha, Nepal. However, I also have to agree with Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” there truly is no place like home.

Coming over here produces mixed feelings about living in the States. At times, I feel proud that we can extend our influence across the ocean, like when I’m walking through a local supermarket and spot Oreos and Pringles. At other times, I’m amazed at how much we American’s can seem to forget about the others in this world.

I can relate this to an experience I had at our local YMCA. I was sitting in the lobby, reading a book, when I heard the desk assistant asking questions to his coworkers from a trivia book. One of them stood out. “Alright, where is Nepal?” he asked. His coworkers all replied, “Naples? That’s in Italy, right.” It made me stop and think about everything. I don’t think that God intended us to live that way.

Well, whatever the case, despite looking forward to my visit to the States, I can’t say that I have felt a better feeling than doing God’s work, whether it’s walking in the mountains to do medical camps in remote villages or painting a school or even doing boring jobs like cleaning dental instruments and carrying a heavy bucket of water up a hillside. To me, no matter how boring the work is, it’s all good to me, because it’s not my work I’m doing, it’s the Lord’s work. 

Austin for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

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