Gina Update 062008

Great day today despite unending rain, ongoing strikes, and burning tires 🙂 First stop was at the kid’s school where we dropped off loads of donated school supplies. Here’s a picture of Alan and Carl going through the donated items. We’re always so thankful to be able to gift people for Jesus’ sake! Thanks to all who support this ministry and who have contributed to this. 

Next step was off to a local cooperative that is supporting all kinds of handicraft and homemade items throughout Nepal. Absolutely amazing items indeed that I’m praying about importing as a way to generate some income for the ministry! Lots of obstacles to overcome with this but other people seem to be able to do this successfully, so maybe we can figure out how to do it too!


(A hand-carved bowl from a very remote region of Nepal that has yet to see the Gospel.)

(These are pillow covers that have combined hand-dyed materials with jute. I was amazed at how beautiful the stitching was.)

(These are hand-made papers and honestly, the photos don’t do the products justice.)

I’ll try to do my best and post more soon! I absolutely loved getting the opportunity to do this today, despite the rain, the noise, the smoke, the everything. God has returned me to being able to do a few of the things that had been on the back burner for a time, due to my obligations at the children’s home. God is so good… no… HE’S GREAT!

Gina for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

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