On The Road Again 080808

I am writing this in advance of travel to Nepal by one day.  By tomorrow at this time, I will be sitting on a United airlines flight to Chicago on the first leg of my travels to pick up our first exchange student in Kathmandu.  The route this time will take me from Tampa through Chicago, London, and Doha, Qatar arriving in Kathmandu in about 32 hours. 

Ticket selection on very short notice never seems optimal and yet I am still praising God for providing a means of travel in any fashion.  The stay in Nepal will be brief and this will be the first time that I will travel with only my yellow backpack as a carry-on item and nothing else.

In the housekeeping of things, that always seems to accompany international travel, I have been cleaning out my computer and in the process, I have come across a few pictures from our last trip to Mustang.  I thought that I would share these with you.  Throughout the two day and very exhausting walk, there were times to experience the picturesque  Himalayan landscape as well as the dangers of this remote region.  Nothing has changed when it comes to a burden to serve the Lord here and plans are already underway for return trips to the upper regions later this Fall and coming Spring.

Carl for Arise Medical Missions

Carl S. Bottorf, RN, MPA

Director, Arise Medical Missions, Inc.