Carl’s Perspective 081508

The Morning After……

From Carl and Dikchhya….we made it back to Tampa, Florida by about 5:30PM and we were met by my Gina at the airport.  The re-union with family, arriving in my home country and the relief of airline travels over for a period, were all blessings in and of themselves.  We hopped in the car and an hour later, we were arriving at church in Sarasota on time.  The opportunity to worship was great as there was so much to praise his name for:


1.       Safe and on-time travels

2.       The return of my lost iPOD twice!  Yes, lost it in Doha on the way over and also on the return.

3.       The Islamic lady having a seizure on a flight where I had the chance to share the love of God by caring for her event-related injuries.

4.       The one-day visa in London for the 14-hour layover.

5.       No hassles from Nepali Immigration about Dikchhya’s departure.

6.       Happy good-byes at the Open Hands Ministry dinner.


Of particular mention is the the joy for me in seeing BiBi growing and developing… gaining weight, learning languages, walking, and self-teaching  of the Bible via electronic means.  I never saw it in her during all of the difficult times we had when we really thought that she was so messed up mentally and bodily, that her death would be imminent; but now, with the love of Christ taking firm hold in her heart, she is coming alive. 

I MISS HER UNIMAGINABLY!  Though we can barely communicate, we are connected and I know that this is only through God’s doing.  She always wants to know my travel plans, when is Gina coming, and how are the boys?  She remarks that we used to carry her everywhere, even to the toilet, and reminds us of how she can walk now… and walk she can!  Complications as a result of her past living situation, however, will always be a constant part of her life. 

Bibi seems to be defeating the disease causing her past conditions, the ball of her hip is now nearly completely re-generated, and, as mentioned, she is growing.  Her pelvis is very fragile and is likely to see complications as a result soon and this is the most pressing prayer need for now….that God can strengthen her pelvis. 

Also, without Dikchhya, there is no one to reliably communicate the gospel and pray with Bibi daily.  We are going to try to do this from here via technology, but there are no promises. Our next visit is scheduled for late September, when I am there with a medical team.  Mary Philips and I will take Bibi on a dinner outing for a little special attention.

Thanks for all of your prayers and as I try to rest and prepare to go back out on the road tomorrow to Germany for two weeks, please also pray for Gina as she takes Dikchhya onto school, and also for Will, Get, and Austin as they start high school in a new place.  Of course… photos are attached.

(This is Dikchhya in the pink shirt and Bibi is standing)

(Bibi and myself)

Blessings for all at Arise,


Carl S. Bottorf, RN, MPA

Director, Arise Medical Missions, Inc.