Pensacola Christian College 081608

We made it despite all sorts of delays… WE MADE IT! As for my traveling companion, she currently is in a state of speechlessness regarding the school. She assures me that even if she would send pictures, even if she did her very best to describe the school, there is absolutely no way in the world that her family, friends, or acquaintances might believe that God has provided her with such an opportunity as this. Dikchhya will undergo testing in the morning for three hours regarding her English and math skills. As you can imagine, she is quite fearful and certain that she will not be able to meet the mark, and will have to return home. I have assured her that is not how testing works here and she has been reminded that she will need to return to her previous state of walking completely by faith. 

    I can think of many times when I was feeling just like Dikchhya. It’s as if everything is PERFECT in your world and suddenly it isn’t. Praise God that he is helping her to understand that she will need to continue to walk by faith in order to stand strong against the enemy. The GREAT NEWS is though that God is greater and she can rest assured that her walk with him isn’t over as long as she continues to seek him. 

    As for my own three sons who were kind enough to get themselves to school for orientation today, they are doing great and trying hard to figure out where the closest dry cleaners is and how they are going to go about maintaining their new Army cadet uniforms! 

    As for Carl, who has arrived in Germany, the poor guy is just wiped out physically. I failed to mention that he broke out on his trip to Nepal with three large abcesses located on the side of his right rib cage and under his right armpit. Painful to say the least. Looks like he has picked up the same staph infection that William suffered through for a few months after his time of service at the brick camp? He is currently on Keflex which has helped reduce the largest abcess (the size of a large golf ball) to something manageable. He will need to seek out medical care in Germany for more medication and a culture. 

    By the way, for some of you who may be wondering if a black cloud is following my husband? You’re right… it’s the black cloud of the enemy who seeks to devour those who serve Jesus with all of their heart. Carl’s immune system is weak and thus the outbreak. I fully expect one day to get a call that Carl has gone home to be with the Lord, having fallen off the side of a mountain in Nepal, or died trying to save a child in the Kenyan desert. You know what… so be it. I had to give my husband to Jesus a long time ago when I realized that he was going to try and be a modern day Paul in reaching the lost. It’s just been a blessing since then to not have to try and figure out how many hours of prayer would be enough to help him pass yet another kidney stone or heal him from a horrific outbreak of some sort? Thanks God for freeing me from the worry!

    I’ve heard many of your opinions that have come from really loving hearts around the world, “Gina, don’t you think Carl needs a break? Can’t you get Carl to take some time off? God wouldn’t mind it if Carl took it easy from his crazed schedule for a few days, etc.” These comments do nothing more than help to illicit a heart of love and affection for those of you who care enough to share your thoughts and concerns, although they often make me smile. Anybody who knows Carl Bottorf would know that the only one who can get Carl to do something like take a break would have to have a name that starts with a J and ends with a S! Man, how I love Carl and trust fully in God who knows what is best for each one of us! 

    Love you guys and thanks for your prayers. Oh, and last of all, here’s a few pictures of my baby girl “Genet” who isn’t a baby anymore! She sent me a few shots just before she got on a plane to make her first jump at 14,000 ft. It’s quite impressive indeed, but for me, the only thing that I want is for her to continue to jump in Jesus’ wide and open arms. You go girl!

    Momma for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)