Pastor George Henderson 082608

Two nights ago I received this message. It read as follows: 

My dad is with Jesus.  He finally gets to be free from the body that caused him so much trouble and just enjoy Jesus. 

Thanks so much for all the prayers.  Pray for mom and the family as we deal with the hole that dad has left and we try to figure things out.

Please hold off on any phone calls for the night.  We are together as a family and that is what we need right now.

I will not be speaking tomorrow.  John will be taking the service.  As you gather to worship – worship!  Dad will hear you. 

Jeff for the family.

This came from the current pastor of our “sending church” i.e. the church that put Carl and I both on the field five years ago. As I sat in my bed, next to Genet, the tears just flowed… tears of joy and yet sadness, as I came to the realization that I would not be able to see this church father again on earth, but would need to wait until heaven. Here’s what Carl and I both wrote in response to Pastor Henderson going home to glory. Truthfully, there are some things that cannot be expressed by the human word, and that is the love that we both have and had for this man. Praise you God for answered prayer and relief from suffering. Oh, how we will miss your servant and Jesus lover. Oh, how the world will never be the same minus George Henderson. 

Jeff, 11:21 PM, you’re right Jeff… your father is with Jesus indeed. 

Father God, I just lift my brother Jeff up to you right now and just thank you so much for giving him the strength to endure this journey that has been so difficult for some time now. Thank you for welcoming Pastor Henderson into heaven with open arms. Thanks for restoring him to perfection. God, it is just so very good to know Lord that you are more than able to be in multiple places at once. Please Lord, stay close over the next few days, weeks, and months for all involved. Above all Lord, thank you for bringing Pastor George Henderson into my life some years ago. He believed in us when so many others wondered. He encouraged us to press on and stand strong in our desire to serve abroad. He was an earthly example of you to us, as strange as that may seem, literally holding our hand and guiding our thoughts when we were hardly able to stand upright in the mission world. As a result, we borrowed his faith, sold our home, most of our belongings, and drove off into a world unknown. It was George Henderson who showed us what corner of your cross to rest our fingers on and reminded us regularly that it was God who was carrying it all along. 

~Tears of  lots of joy and a little bit of selfish sadness.

Gina xoxo
Jeff and Family,

Nobody that I have ever met personally deserves to meet the Lord more than
your father!  I don’t know how else to say it!  I am away in Europe at
present but Gina answered very honestly for the both of us.  We truly feel
both the pain and the joy that you have described and know that in the
coming days, Christ is with you at every step.  We will continue to read
your updates on the church blog.