Carl Returns Home 083108

Good news! Carl made it back from Germany after flying ALL day long. Sure enough… 10:45 pm finally came around and it only took me six rounds through the “pick-up” American Airlines drive through to get him into the car. God is great! By the way, he will be speaking briefly this morning at three services at Sarasota Calvary Chapel.

We had a great day yesterday with my in-law’s… two of the boys and I. We left early in the morning to go and visit with Carl’s parents. Praise God, Carl’s dad continues to heal from his recent surgery and seems to be gaining back some strength finally. Mom had made a nice lunch and we talked our way through the afternoon and early evening as we watched Hurricane Gustav gain strength in the Gulf of Mexico. Yikes! Amazing to watch the United States prepare for the possibility of yet another significant storm.

As you can imagine, I continue to sit in wonder at the resources that we have in this country and how many millions of dollars are being spent on preparing for the “mother of all storms” per the Mayor of New Orleans.