Carl Update 090208

Two full days at home and I’m just enjoying it so very much! I’ve started to do the final planning to return to Mustang and I am presently gathering all of the necessary medical supplies for the trip. Naturally, it’s all spread out through Nepal, Virginia, and Florida.

Not only am I thankful to be returning to Nepal, but I’m equally thankful to not have to go and return within a 5 day span like my last trip there. This should be a really interesting trip as there are 8 women and 4 males slated for this expedition, with almost all being certified healthcare providers in some respect (which we’ve never had before).

We intend to do medical camps in some villages that were scouted out last winter by Chris and Josh. One village is called “Lubra” and is tucked high up in a crevice and it has it’s own religion, called “Bonism.” By the way, this religion is so old that it predates Buddhism. It’s not on any of the popular trekking routes, nor is it easy to get to. Four of the twelve trip participants have already been to Mustang and it is always such a joy to see people return to the same area of service. 

As always, thanks for the constant prayers of support. Please help us pray about whether or not God is calling us to a future ministry in Laos. I leave on Saturday for 10 days for an advanced assessment of the needs that have been expressed there. 

Also, please continue to pray for Dikchhya who is at Pensacola Christian Academy and trying hard to memorize the 50 states and capitals. Genet is somewhere between Germany and Kuwait at present. As Gina often says, “It’s all good Carl.”

Carl for Arise Medical Missions (US)