Carl Update 100508

Gina and sons, I love you and miss you.  Yesterday brought sadness and a very real lesson about the urgency to communicate Gods great love without delay.  On each visit to Kagbeni I have sought out an elderly man whose life was saved at our hands, several years ago.  Each time we have met, he acknowledges that day but always then tries to worship me as a God and savior.  Language and communications are difficult and without a very skilled Christian translator I have not been able to tell him that God chose to save him and not me.  

In June, with a skilled translator on hand (D.G.) I really intented to go and finally talk to him. But floods, and landslides blocked the path preventing a visit. Yesterday I went to his house and it seemed abandoned, quiet,and dark.  Questioning several locals, I discovered that he died about two months ago. It is really now a sad burden to bear that I had not made earlier efforts to talk to this man.  He had comed so close to hearing but never heard the Gospel. The Bible tells us that our days are only known to God… for me this has shaken me to the core of my beliefs and actions.
Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Kagbeni)