Janelle Update 100608

In an effort to maintain a ministry of transparency in our Christian walk, I thought that I would post this recent note from Janelle (Greg’s wife) who has had to attend to a “Celebration of Life Service” this past weekend and now the approaching burial of her mother in Greg’s absence. As most of you know, Greg is on the trip currently and they made the decision for him not to return early. Janelle has been an active member of the Arise team for some time now and we value her presence in service. Here’s what Janelle recently had to say about trying to deal with this by herself, without Greg, with two small children there at her side, while holding God’s hand every step of the way. 

“Tomorrow is the memorial for Mom. Today we ran around and got programs done, pictures blown up and a power point put together. It was a group effort for the four orphans. A small miracle. God is using this to bring a closeness we have not felt as siblings in a good long time. Funny, it has been harder for me as the time has gone by. The shock is gone and the reality is beginning to set in, I guess. I imagine getting thru tomorrow will be healing. Really missing Greg, but God is more than enough and has made His presence so real. Love you so – Janelle”

Wow! It’s like you see someone faced with a truly difficult situation and yet she is still willing to say that “God is more than enough and she can feel his presence.” I wonder how many of us would be willing to say the same if placed in a similar position? I’m not just saying this but I really feel as if Janelle is a great example of GRACE. She is someone who recognizes the need for intimate fellowship with the Father and understands that her strength can only come from him alone. 

I can speak to this easily because Janelle and I are married to two living Jesus Freaks. They are both great guys who love God with all of their hearts and want to serve him completely. It would be easy for either of us to look to our husbands to take God’s place in our lives, depending on them fully to meet our every need. Still, God’s instruction book for all mankind says that we are to look to God and God alone for our every need because he’s the only one who can truly care for us completely. 

Please pray today for continued strength for Janelle on this journey and for Kim too as she experiences knowing that her father-in-law has passed away and that she will not be there for some time to be with family and friends. 

I have learned that this is the circle of life. It is just as the Bible says. We come and we must go. Death is indiscriminate of status or power, wealth, or social class. For many who believe that Christianity is the same as Hinduism, Buddhism, and all the other “religions” of the world, I assure you that it is not. Christianity is the only belief in the world where the only penance for confessed sin is to be welcomed into the arms of a loving father who wipes our slate clean. There are no rituals, no pilgrimages, no offerings, no requirements other than a willing heart and and ears that listen. 

Don’t waste another single day by wondering if heaven is real or not? God understands your indecision and only asks that you verbalize that to him with an earnest heart. After all, the alternative sure doesn’t sound very promising… at least not to me. 

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