Janelle Update 100908

Hey Gina: Yes, Tuesday was the day I buried Mom. The 4 adult kids viewed her body before we left for the cemetery. We are truly formed from dust! 🙂 She was so frail and looked as if she was half way to dust already. The damage to her arms from IVs and blood draws was horrific. (So thankful I have a medical background). Also glad I didn’t have my children view.

The gathering at her (and Dad’s) grave-site was actually very special. Relatives I hadn’t seen for years were there. And a dear friend surprised me –  a blessing from God! We shared some memories, I read out of a book she had been keeping her thoughts in and finally at the end placed flowers on her pine casket after she was lowered into the earth. The 4 kids made a pact to live a worthy life as we poured Oklahoma dirt over her coffin from our original family
homestead! That was cool.

After, my sisters and I went on a memory drive through the city we all grew up in. We even visited the house we grew up in. Knocked on the door and a college student let us come in and look around. It was a mess, but still had so many of the same fixtures and decor from our family. There were even plants and stones in the landscaping my Mom had planted. (She’s been gone from there 16 years).

It was a great day. Today is another story. Much sadder, much more overwhelmed today. I missed a call last night from Greg because I couldn’t get to the phone in time! God is really testing me to see if He is enough! :o) AND He still is….and then some. He’s helping me along and as I realized this morning, He is teaching me to just rest in Him when I know I won’t get school done before I get back…when I know I have another Acts study to get done before I get back…when my best will just not be good enough. I am so thankful His grace is sufficient. Oh what peace that brings!

Janelle for Arise Medical Missions (US)


Janelle, thanks for sharing your heart with us. Many prayers have been offered in your direction as you continue on your journey. As true to form, it seems as if God has you right where he wants you and where you need to be. Not long at all until Greg comes home. Praise the Lord for that. He is so good. 

Gina at Arise Medical Missions (US)

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