Greg Update 101208

Whew what a trip this has been! Traveling half way around the world, Hiking many miles through severe, yet beautiful terrain. We traveled across 10 time zones and have changed elevation from sea level to almost 13000 feet. What an adventure! We’ve gone through many villages and helped treat
many people. Some with not so severe conditions and some with quite severe health issues.

Regardless of the condition,  each villager was touched by our care and compassion. What a great team! Each person on the team brought a diverse background and world view. But despite our different backgrounds, each person focused on the common goal, laid aside any differences and
functoned together like a family, supportive and encouraging. As a result many lives were touched in our ministry area and on our team. 

Two of our last experiences serve to provide “bookends” for our trip and serve to remind me of why we go to the ends of the earth to serve others. The first experience was our visit to the Pashupatinath temple. It is a Hindu temple on the banks of the Bat-Ma-Ti river. This is the final resting place for deceased Hindus where their bodies are creamated and the remains placed in the river. Their belief is that this is the place where their reincarnation begins. The temple is a swirling mix of stark contrasts too many to mentions here but their effcts are disconcerting.

Though the temple is viewed as a porthole for reincarnaton of Hindus I’m reminded of the truth. “No man come unto the father except by Me.” and ” … and as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this judgement, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many…” This is why we go to the ends of the earth. The people we saw cremated in the temple that day were not reincarnated but released into eternity and most probably an eternity separated from the Father. The work we do with our hands, showing compassion and care, is only a means to an end, to accomplish the real work. “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.” 

The last experience provides a more joyful perspective as we participated in the baptism of a new believer. What a joy to see light in the midst of darkness. To see The Father, through His Spirit, working in this country to call people to Himself. I’m reminded never to loose heart, the fields are
white for harvest. 


Greg for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)