Carl Update 102308

Dear Friends, while Gina is typing for me, I’m sitting here coughing and trying to get well from a bug I picked up just before leaving Nepal one week ago. If I were counting, this was my fourth trip to the other side of the world in less than 3 months, and three times now, I’ve come home sick. I find this to be a clear indication that I just need to just take some time and slow down and get well, and it seems to be working. Gina just rolled her eyes and that’s my indication that it hasn’t been long enough. 

I’ve been so excited to see how God has been working in the ministry lately, but I realize that it takes good strength and health to continue to serve with strength. We’ve had to cancel one activity plan for Kenya in November, but after praying about this, and evaluating the facts, it seems like the right decision. 

So, for now, I am preparing for the Arise Board Meeting, spending much needed time with family, and getting to watch all of the talking heads on television who want to tell me who the next President will be. Hopefully, within the next few days we will be able to post some pictures from my recent medical trip to Nepal so stay tuned. 

Gina and I are currently headed home after some days of working in New York. Although we have worked from sun up to late into the night, we have been able to see some lovely fall colors and put back on our fleece jackets to stay warm, which has pleased us beyond measure. It just confirms that our final destination place upon seeing that my dad is fully recovered and our sons have graduated from their academy, will undoubtedly take us North when we’re not living abroad. 

Carl and Gina for Arise Medical Missions (New York)

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