Gina Update 111208

Wow! Lots and lots of busyness these days in trying to keep our family upright and making sure EVERYONE’s eyes are focused on Jesus. We have just had some really good days since we found out that God was going to permit a trial in our life that would test our faith and allow us to demonstrate his goodness and grace. Tell you what guys… God has just brought this amazing peace into all of our hearts that has only gotten stronger over the last few days especially. 

So far we’ve been through lots of lab work and computerized scans that continue to search for more than one primary site of cancer. Our son has graciously swallowed his contrast die as requested and not hesitated to thank every provider who has entered into his life this week. We are so thankful for his improving attitude with each passing day and his willingness to seek Jesus’ presence in this difficult time. 

Tomorrow, Carl will be 47 years old and we will be celebrating his accomplishment of surviving another year of life in Christ Jesus by allowing our trusted surgeon to ever so carefully excise the malignant tumor from our son’s body. We can’t wait to “have it out.” 

I recently shared with my son that if I could, I would be more than glad to have God take the cancer out of his body and place it into my own. However, we’re both ever aware that God has a plan in this and if that was part of it, he wouldn’t be the one in need of surgery after all. 

Lynn always likes to remind me that I often say, “It’s all good” when the going gets tough in my life. I tell you all that I have just one desire in my life today and that is to be able to stand up tall and say, “It’s all good.” God has given me the ability to find joy in my life, even today, even in the midst of this “hiccup” of my life. I have earnestly had to say to the Lord, “Not to worry Father, I’m not giving the enemy one inch in my life. Not a chance Lord. Not willing to try and walk on this earth without you. Not willing to go it for one single minute without you.” 

We are looking forward to our son’s healing and God’s presence in our life all the more. THANK YOU to those who have prayed on our behalf while honoring our desire to protect our son’s feelings and his fragile emotions as he embarks on this new season of his life. 

Lots and lots of love, and lots and lots of faith awaits the One who died for me! 

Gina for both at Arise Medical Missions (US)