Carl Update 120708

Dear Carl,

You know, Yesterday, I met the women from Ranipawa, who had really high blood pressure, whom we checked in Medical Camp. She came here immediately after we left from village and now she is here in Kathmandu taking medicine after checking with a good doctor. She said,”Ringing and dizziness of my head is over, my vision is more clear, I can remember things more clearly than before, and I am feeling much better overall.” Wow! Isn’t that great? I was so happy to meet with her and talk to her. Thanks to Our God, Our Lord and to you all, the medical team members!

Yesterday, I went to visit my Monk sister in her monastery and she looked quite healthy and happy with her friends. She was asking about you both and she misses you. My father is doing very well and all other members too.


You know, I feel kind of amazed that the days are coming so soon and passing quickly. Oh yeah, did you know that BiBi went to the doctor few days before? Yes, she went to the doctor and the doctor said that she doesn’t need any supports or to hang her legs during sleeping hours! That is so wonderful to hear. I am so happy and surprised for Her. It is really hard to imagine how God brought her to this day.

Anyway, hope everything is going on well with you there. Missing you so much.
Take care….I will write to you soon. With love…respect…hugs and missing…