Yam Update 012509

Dear Carl and Gina,


Please find attached herewith a few photographs of a boy who is suffering of severe leg illness.  He is working in a brick kiln in Lalitpur close to our house, Badikhel. He is from India.



Please pray for him.  I am going to take him to a hospital (Ananda Ban or Patan) soon.  I was informed about his illness a few days back from the brick kiln administrator. I visited him yesterday.

Yours in Christ,

Yam for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

Please note that Arise is currently in the process of sending Yam Devi $900. for this teenager and for others who are just like him. Since we’ve been home, William, Austin, and Carl have all been treated for staph related infections that Wiliam received during him stay at the brick camp. It’s quite easy for us to know that these pictures are absolutely accurate in what they say regarding the despair and hopelessness that exists there. Please consider supporting the brick camp ministry today if the Lord is speaking to you through this post. 

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)