Anja Update 012809

Hey Carl,

Just a quick note…I arrived safely today, I am in my new home. My room mate is very nice, I like our apartment too. My trip went well, but I felt restless inside. Unfortunately I only got an one-month-visa and they want me to go to the ‘ministry of interior’ within 4 weeks. I know I need to pray and cannot freak out. But…everything else went really nice, God put the right people in my path that helped me with stuff that came up. He is good. 
Thank you for your prayers.

my blog:

Father, thank you for assisting Anja to the place where she is lead to serve. We praise you for that. Help her to settle in nicely and draw her near to you. Thank you for allowing her to put you first, despite her engagement and service at Cxxvary Chaxxl Bxble College in Germany. Lord, we know that fear of not having a visa can be overwhelming when you’re counting the fragility of your days in a new place. To you alone Father, we lift her soul. May your will be her will, may her words be yours, may she rest in your peace which surpasses all understanding. 

Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)