Carl Update 013009


Hi Everyone,

Here is the photo that I was looking for last night in my photo archives.  Gina and I talk on Skype nearly every day and a good portion of our telephone time is spent in  discussing the details and issues of Arise and of late, the school drama for Dikchhya and Lhkapa.  While they are both able to grasp many of the social cultural aspects of the institution, they both have their struggles. 

Lhakpa at entry level college was placed in classes that are designed to strengthen her grasp of the basic academics and to keep her GPA competitive for consideration of nursing school.  She reports that some material is too easy and wants to make changes.  Of course, after just six classroom days, there is a fair level of expertise that has been accumulated however, we are staying the course on her schedule and Gina and I won’t budge.

Dikchhya is what could be described as socially well-connected at the school.  Academically an average student and entering her second semester, she struggles in meeting her grade reporting requirements to Arise in a timely manner.  We pray that she’ll manage her time better so that she can make it a priority to write post cards to her parents about once per week, but we are not there yet.

They are both strong in verbalizing their faith in God and are really soaking up Biblical knowledge while in classes,convocations, and church.  It is still amazing for me to remember what was going on in both of their lives last year at this time.  Neither were Christians and their behaviors were so different.  I wanted to take out this photo of the first time I used Lhakpa as my translator in Mustang.  This is her and her childhood horse (the horse has the white hair) in her home village of Ranipawa.  Dikchhya lived in the city and didn’t have a horse but what I can tell you is that with the Lord in both of their lives now… everything is different. The old has become new. Does this sound familiar?  This is what we are rejoicing in today… that they are new creatures in Christ!

Praise God!

P.S. Some of you may remember this horse which we had unknowingly used in years past and have seen him carry an incredible weight load.  Strong little guy.

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