Carl Update 021309

Hi everyone,

I have arrived in Bucharest, Romania, to do a ministry assessment for a dental outreach here next month.  Dee and Gina have agreed to teach members of an American expatriate church fellowship in Germany the classroom practical and theory of Alternative Restorative Technique.  You can read about this on the website if you want to know more.  Now, it seems, that a few others from Arise have been called on to participate in making this a successful activity.  Following the classroom training, the group will venture here to Romania and work under supervision of a dentist to apply the techniques and working closely with a ministry in sharing the love of Christ through their actions.

I was picked up at the airport by a local pastor and a missionary from California and our first stop was to visit a young family, Gypsies, squatting in a small room in a basement, functionally homeless.  Any of you that visited my little friends in Nepal that lived in the garage too small for a car would see the familiarities here, but throw in a three year old little girl too.  The stop was a welfare check to see if the seven-year old boy that is being sponsored to school was doing his homework, which he wasn’t.  All of the smells and squalor of a really bad living situation were present, as in other countries.  Sad case to say the least.  The next stop was to do the same in a condemned and abandoned building which housed 50-70 more Gypsy families.

My night was blessed with accommodations at the super-clean guest bunkhouse at the church.  I am sitting here in a warm room, while it snows outside, sipping my tea and writing this note and believe me, counting my many blessings.  Oh, so good to be back in the mission field, even if on my four days off!  Thanks for your prayers and I write again tomorrow.

 Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Romania)