Ngoc du 021209

I have to say, I haven’t journaled in years but these blog entries are actually pretty fun to write and later look back on.
So this week has actually been quite another trying week.  Its funny how its always so easy to forget that without the Lord, we are nothing.  Sadly, the Lord convicted me this week of my own selfishness and pride.  How deceiving the flesh can be.  Praise God that He keeps us humble with a gracious hand.
As I wrote in the last blog, it seems clear that America is an incredible mission field.  I never thought to pray that the Lord would send missionaries into the States to tell people about His love.  We live in this paradox where we are so rich here, yet so poor; so full, yet so empty.  Instead of lifting a hand to help people here, all I’ve done is point a finger.  So I’m committing today to approach God’s throne and start fervently praying for His people here in America, that He would blossom His church here through spiritual revival and bring us together in love, grace, and righteousness.  Would you all do the same with me???
After all, empires rise and fall and civilizations come and go, but in the end, all that remains is still the cross of Christ.  And with that the manifestation of His love through us to each other.  Thank you all for your continual prayers. 🙂
Ngoc Due for Arise Medical Missions
Dear Friends; Ngoc is preparing for a short-term missions trip to Nepal this summer. If you feel led to pray for her regularly or support her financially, don’t hesitate to communicate with us so that we can facilitate that accordingly. As always, we covet your prayers on behalf of this ministry. Can’t do it without you, nor would we ever want to. Until He returns. 

Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)