Bottorf Family Update 030809

Well, I’m sitting here at the airport and am getting ready to grab a flight to San Diego for work all week. I thought that I might entitle this “Looking for God at the airport” but then I decided that might not be the most appropriate choice for a title. Still, it really is the truth. Is it possible to search for God in the work place? Of course it is. I’ll have to write and tell you how it’s going in my search for God this week. So far, I can honestly say that I haven’t seen Him. I’m sure that He’s here but my eyes must still be closed from trying to wake up.

As for Carl, he’s beyond searching for God because he’s currently at a Missions Conference in Lady Lake, Florida, and I’m quite certain that God should be there and more than visible to those who are participating.

We were supposed to be there together and then I was tasked with work in San Diego. It complicated life and sure made a mess of us trying to represent the ministry as a united front. Still, I didn’t have an ounce of peace about telling my boss that I could not go to California for work.

I’m trying hard to follow the Spirit’s guidance more and more each day and I assure you that it hasn’t been easy. Sometimes listening to God’s guidance and direction about these types of matters can be just a little bit more complicated than realized. Hence, the inital title, “Searching for God at the airport.” Actually, I started with “looking” and am ending with “searching.” It’s obvious that the “looking” is going to take a little extra work today but maybe that’s just what I need in my life… the continued “searching.”

Have a great day in the Lord and think about living it like you might not get another.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (Tampa Airport)