Carl Update 031409


Wow, it is already Friday and I am just getting rested up and recovered from last weekend’s missions conference at the Chapel of Christian Faiths in the Villages, Florida.  That is quite a place and they sure know how to be great hosts.  This is a virtual city of nearly 70,000 that has sprouted out of the swamps and palmettos of Central Florida over the past twenty years.  As I told the church family there, I remember flying over this area many times in the late eighties and early nineties in National Guard helicopters searching for marijuana farms hidden in the wilderness and that today, I don’t recognize a thing. 

There are five fire stations, two shopping malls, banks, two Walmarts and the list goes on.  After the service on Sunday morning, a cute little old lady came up to me quite distressed asking if marijuana was still grown in the Villages, which I reassured her was no longer the case.

The couple that hosted me for Sunday lunch doesn’t even own a car, but two golf carts. They informed me that one was parked outside and ready to “wisk” me away to the Golden Corral for lunch.  Well, the three of us crammed in and I had the tour of the whole spread during the forty-five minute ride to the restaurant.  It was a beautiful Florida Spring day too!  Bill, my driver, was in his mid eighties and told me about his trek from northern France to the heartland of Germany as an infantryman starting in late June, 1944.  He walked across Europe as part of General Patton’s 3rd Army.  A solid man of faith, patriot, and a good cart driver to boot! I am thinking of moving in there when I am eligible at age 55!

Today, I am in the throes of packing, printing itineraries, e-mailing, and all of the other details necessary in preparation of Sunday’s departure for Nairobi and ultimately onto Mustang, Nepal.  Please pray for the two teams that will be deploying in the coming weeks to Nepal and to Romania and stay tuned for updates.

Carl  at Arise Medical Missions (FL)