Carl Update 032109

Hi Everyone from Kathmandu, 

First off, a big Happy Birthday to William my son, who reaches the magical age of majority today!  I love you and miss you.  Congratulations, you have finally made it! 

I arrived yesterday afternoon here after a long layover in Doha, from Kenya.  It is just like I remember it for this time of year here.  The temperatures are cool, dry, and very dusty.  It rained for an hour last night for the first time since August, they say.  The electricity power is nearly non-existent with about 8 hours per twenty-four with power. 

The pace has been non-stop. Even before going to my hosts house, I stopped and ordered bus, hotel, and plane travel for the arriving team.  Also, I had to run and do the Anapurna area permits for each of them as well.  While in the neighborhood, I walked up to see our friend that owns a trekking shop, Phuller and his three brothers.  Yes, now there are three of them to take care of as the third just arrived from the remote home village of Solokumbu, near Everest.  He doesn’t speak any English.

My hosts are Tim and Karen CXXXX.  They work here in various capacities and are working on bringing missions aviation to Nepal and believe it or not, are making progress within the chaos of the bureaucracy that exists in Nepal.  They occupy the empty Samaritans Purse apartment and I have a very nice and quiet room.  I did get lots of rest overnight… about ten hours worth. 

Today was filled with changing the first batch of money into Rupees, arranging for hotel accommodations, talking to Pramila (Dikchhya’s mother) which is always interesting and so forth.  Pramila is in Kathmandu and I have arranged to meet with her for a while after Church on Sunday.  I was able to go and spend an hour at Open Hands, (our former ministry) with the children today as well.  It was great to see the kids.  Suni Maya was such a character.  My oh my, have they all grown and maybe more about that later.  The first thing that Ragu said was, “How is Gina Auntie?”  Kumar asked for Austin.  Prakash Man speaks near perfect English.  Bibi Maya asked for Gina and heard me say that Dikchhya was coming back for the Summer and immediately went into twenty questions, mostly in English about when, where, etc and ordering that Dikchhya stay in her room.  It is amazing the impact on her life, which was made in such a short time and nearly ten months ago.

I have not heard if the medical team elements from Bangor, Lynchburg, and St. Pete are “on the road,” and only assume that they are winding their way across the globe as we speak and due to arrive here on Monday at various times.  Please keep them in your prayers as the plan is rather complex.

Many blessings and family, I miss you all,

Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

P.S. I almost forgot to mention this, but today, as I was walking along to Thamel, in a very crowded part of Kathmandu, a teenage boy stopped me and said, “Mr. Carl, how are you?”  Now those of you that know me will recall that my name recognition really stinks and of course, I couldn’t remember where I knew this boy from?  He then told me that he is from Kagbeni and that William had taken care of his infected toe there last February/March.  He also asked for William and Getenet by name.  He remembered Dr. Robert, the Opthamologist from that mission too! Amazing who you can run into in a city of millions, and you never know the impact that even treating an infected toe has on one’s life.

Carl for Arise