Lhakpa Update 033009

Namaste and Jai Mercy… Everyone!

Wow! I finally got to write something to you all! It is unbelievable that I am here- one of the finest Christian College! It is really hard for me to believe finding myself here- in a total new environment. I was and am still surprised of how beautiful this college is and, how the things work here. Most of you know- how different it is, Nepal and America. But, i am really enjoying a lot. Each and every day, God is being so gracious to me- leading all the ways through and teaching me His Truth, Holy Words.

Here, the environment is very perfect nowadays. I love the  weather here- beautiful clouds in the blue sky, raining sometimes and grasses being green, varieties of beautiful flowers blooming…I enjoy very much of the environment here and it is always worthy to Praise God for His beautiful creation! There are much more things to learn in this college and many recreation centers too. I love everything here especially, a Big Church- Crown Center! It looks gorgeous, esp. at night time when all the lights are on and the Big Crystal inside it shining in all direction, …the thousands of seat inside it with Hymn book in each seat! Oh, I love the services on Sunday and Wednesday, singing the worship songs from that book and listening to the precious Message of God. And, there is a big sports center- with lots of games and adventure to do, rock climbing, but i haven’t tried many of them yet, I hope some days later soon.

Writing about my classes, it is going on quite good so far, and i am trying to make more improvement as much as possible. As you might know that, I am taking basic classes like- EN-190, En-100, BI-101, PR-306, MA-100, and PE-117. It was the Grace of God, that my professors are not very hard in accents…I can understand them most of the time and that is helping me a lot. I love the BI and PR (Interpersonal based on bible) the most. I am totally experiencing a new method of education here, because of way they are done and tough. I am enjoying, anyway, with my classes. I can’t believe that time is moving so fast and my semester is almost finished! I am recently done with my Mid-Term Exams and they went quite well, I guess… And, now, my final term is approaching- at the end of April to May 6! Then, i am done with the semester…WOW! half year is almost gone…

 Each passing day, I am really thankful to God-:  for His glory on me, for all of you who graciously are praying for me and helping me, for Dear Gina and Carl, for He (God) has brought me in this beautiful college through His all guidance, and for all of you who are supporting me financially, because of whom I am being able to attend this college. Thank you so much God and to You all! The purpose of studying Nurse is strengthening each passing day, as I feel of God’s love and hear His Words…I am praying about it…The more i think of my village and people there, the more i want to be Nurse…but, i need to be conformed by the God’s Will, so, I am praying about this matter- whether or not God really wants me to become nurse. But, in the core of my heart, I feel that God wants me to be nurse. Most of the time, I see something and do something which would be related the health, which makes me more curious about it, and i feel that Lord is preparing me all the way.

I am so much surprised of some of the people- suffering different diseases and being handicapped, and they still coming to Church services. I am more wonder of how happy they look being in the Arm of God, even though they have physical sufferings. Seeing those all things, I realized that besides the medical treatment for patients, the Spiritual Power is more powerful and peaceful medicine for them! So, I felt that they desperately need Spiritual power through faith in Lord, to overcome their physical sufferings. And, indeed, that is true that patients always needs spiritual encouragement, which helps them to feel more warm and relieved. That will be wonderful!

I feel so lucky and am thankful to God, that He revealed His truth to me. And, I know that there is always a great purpose for bringing me here and feeding me with His precious words. I am studying here at the another end of world only because of the Almighty God and His Grace!

Anyway, I will be trying my best always. Many more things are having to learn and many more blessing are upon me and all of us with the Grace and Mercy of God.

I will be writing more soon about here and I would love to write! My Tests are following soon from this week. The days are really busy here and you all know very well of that….but, I am absolutely loving to be busy and enjoying here with The relation to God, different people,and my studies.

Once again, Thank you so much all of you there and I wish you all- Have a great and peaceful time there! Thank you so much for your continuos prayer and support to me. Take care….I will writing soon!

Bye… Miss you and with love,  

Sincerely, Lhakpa Gurung