Gina Update 061409

Well, it’s hard to imagine how I could be in Florida in the wee hours of the morning and then in Maine in the early afternoon, by way of Chicago. Praise God for safe flights minus timely delays. I’ll be in good shape for Monday morning. All I can say is that it’s a good thing that Carl’s return is iminent (next Sunday). Suddenly it’s become like the last week of school for me where suddenly, I’m feeling as if I’m hanging on every minute and sometimes seconds until his return. I guess it’s good to be loved.

Last night was a great night at church even though I felt like the day was just a blurr in my attempt to get ready for my presumed departure. I couldn’t help but pay close attention to the message at hand which was worthy of note-taking.

1) When I am afraid, I will trust in you.

2) We all experience fear but when we do, we need to stop ourselves. In God I trust, in God I relax.

3) Trusting God means not being concerned about anything.

4) Everything is preparation for something else.

5) We are to enjoy our lives because of God.

6) The only way we can have a life worth living is to surrender everything to Christ.

7) We are to be surrendered totally to God.

8) Some people, even as new believers, experience a complete and total surrender to God. They just decide that God is going to take care of everything from that point on.

It’s absolutely amazing as I try to practice putting this truth into my daily life, how much peace I have. As a a mater of fact, I heard from William about an hour ago having completed his first week of Army Boot Camp after being allowed a quick call home. What a blessing. He sounds strong and confident and says that things are going well. He had been working out a great deal before he left so physically he’s been able to withstand the rigors of hours and hours of exercise in the hot sun. We had a really good five minute phone call in which I was able to remind him to remember that God is at the helm of his success.

I can’t help be reminded of how easy it is when things are going well in our lives to assume that we have something to do with that. In truth, it always comes down to God and has so little to do with us. When you’re young, it’s practically an impossibility to reach this conclusion quickly, but as we mature in Christ, it just becomes overwhelmingly obvious how all we have and are is because of God’s Spirit who lives within us.

On an end note, the rest of the Arise family continues to be doing well as they prepare for Nepal.  A small group of youth are getting together weekly in Sarasota for questions and answers in preparation for the youth mission’s trip that will depart in less than three weeks now.

As for me, it’s back to studying Nepalese… and yes, I have my handy dandy Nepalese Beginner’s Guide with me in an attempt to do anything possible to not slide backwards in my limited Nepalese conversational skills at best.

Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)