Nepal Team 070709

common site in pokhara

Hello from Rachelle!

Today was not very eventful but still very fun! We all woke up on the early side so we could be on the bus to Pokhara by 6:30am. We made three stops: one for gas, and two for bathroom and food. The country side was beautiful and kept us foreigners quite entertained for the most part of the trip! We saw cows, mules, monkeys, goats, sheep, and even some water buffalos!! We arrived at the Silver Oaks Hotel at 3pm, safe and sound! We moved our luggage into our rooms and then had a quick team meeting. Carl updated us on news, local culture, and tonights plans. Then we were off to see the town! Dikchhya and Billie went with Dameria to help her send a package. The rest of us went to Pokhara Jo’s, which is now called Double O’s, for something to drink. We then walked around for some time until about 5ish. Jojo kept us company on our walk back to the hotel, where we got ready for dinner. At 6pm, we all walked to Everest Steak House and ate delicious pizza! And all of this brings us back to now, where I am sitting at the computer in an internet cafe writing to you! 


Love you very much! The Nepal Team!


~Rachelle for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)