Nepal Team Update 071109

Just checking in to let you know that I am learning that young people are consuming a extremely large amount of calories, far more than any of the adults have in the past. Today we went to the chxxch. It was a way shorter walk. Pasxxr Jxxah is amazing! I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but by hearing him you know God is in his life and doing amazing things. Dikxxxya and this one other man are the only Chrxxxians in their tribe. So, the count is two Takali believers that we know of! Pray that more will come to know God and for the man’s back. Dameria was able to teach a story about the parable of the “lost sheep” for the children and we all had fun participating in this. All the children were very cute. Even the adults joined in and colored pictures of the parable. One boy, named Samal, actually caught up with us after we had left the chxxch and literally scaled straight down a 200 foot cliff while we were walking back. Man, that boy was fast! Anyways we are doing great. Thanks for your prayers.

Melissa for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)


Dameria teaching Sunday school today.


Adults and children alike coloring after their Sunday school lesson!