Nepal Team Update 071909


Via Satellite transmission this AM, their evening.

No electricity or internet today in Jomsom… All is well.

Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

Thank you Father for your promise that you will allow us to know all that we need to know, nothing less than that and nothing more. Thank you for allowing the team to experience a greater taste of what living in Nepal and in Jomsom is really like. You have been abundantly gracious thus far with allowing the electricity to flow due to waters from the monsoon. A few days without power never hurt anybody and we trust in you that you will allow this to be a time of team building, and further more, that you will allow the group to continue to press forward with the task at hand. Lord, we love you so!

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)

(Note for parents: Some of you may be wondering how will we continue to have contact with the team if there is no electricity to allow them to recharge their equipment? Fear not, we have solar recharging capability plus backup batteries for all of our equipment and will use it accordingly 🙂 )

Imperative Prayer Requests for Today:

1) Electricity

2) Patience

3) Last minute preparation from the team that is leaving from Maine. Attention to pre-departure details and wrapping up any loose ends prior to their departure.