Gina Update 072009

Dear friends,

It would hardly seem appropriate to not ask for you to begin to focus your prayers on some important matters that currently concern the summer groups.

Arise is so thankful for your continued and faithful prayers for the group. They are doing well although they are now in the midst of a true supernatural battle that we need prayer help for. Carl has been approached by a local leader who was grossly intoxicated at the time but has said that the team is not to return to one of their locations in which they have been very well received. Please help pray the group through this obstacle and ask God to protect this from spreading.

This situation has been a blessing to the team as they are starting to really understand the seriousness of missions and how powerful the enemy is. The Arise leadership believes that it is no accident that God has permitted the continued loss of power and sudden appearance of  a very faithful Believer who has presented herself to the group as having a critical need. It is such a feeling of powerlessness to not be able to do anything other than “pray.” Still prayer is enough and we know that. We believe that God will use this situation for his good purpose and we are anxious to see what comes of it.

Carl continues to say that the team is healthy physically and all remain disease free, strong and well-rested. Still, there is some whining from within. This morning when I came before God to thank him for all that he has done in my life, he clearly revealed to me a verse in Numbers 11:4-6. Here’s how it reads:

The rabble with them began to crave other food, and again the Israelites started wailing and said, “If only we had meat to eat! We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost-also the cucumbers, melons,leeks, onions, and garlic. But now we have lost our appetite; we never see anything but this manna!

If you recall, in the above verse, the situation that existed was that the Israelites had been delivered out of Egypt approximately one year prior to this incident in the desert. God was clearly providing for their needs and yet they began to grumble about what they didn’t have vs. all that God was giving them. I’ve had to ask myself today if there is any chance that I’m grumbling in my heart against God in someway as well as asking him to reveal that to me immediately so that my prayers will be heard and received.

I have to say that when it comes to service to God, my husband has to be one of the most selfless human beings that I’ve ever met. I asked Carl how he was holding up and he said that he was doing well but was finding it difficult at times to be supportive over unnecessary whining and perhaps grumbling in the hearts of some of the team members.

In Moses’ case, the grumbling was so difficult to contend with, that he actually came before God and asked him to take his life. Fortunately, that’s not the case here 🙂 Still, I do believe that God is speaking to the youth on this team and helping them to come to the understanding that despite their own personal limitations and strongholds, solutions will only come from God. As we know, God loves grumblers too. In fact, if we’re not careful, God will give us exactly what we are grumbling about. Unfortunately, in the case of the Israelites, it resulted in tasty birds falling on the Israelites camp to the tune of being three feet deep.

Make no mistake, 1 Peter 5:7 says that God does not reward ungrateful complaining. Yet we should never hesitate to express our discouragements and hurts to the Lxxd, for he truly cares.

I’m most certain that you won’t find much evidence of this kind of open dialogue occurring on Face Book, Twitter, or others of the like. This is what real-world missions looks like on the inside.

In closing, here’s some lessons learned from Gina.

1) Nothing good ever came from a complaining heart.

2) Complaining is infective always. If you’re a prayer partner on this side of the world and you’ve got a complaining heart in some area of your life, make no mistake, it may be seeping over to the other side of the world.

3) Complaining in your heart, to others, or to those in charge is no different than complaining to God. Yikes! Thanks God for the reminder.

4) Complaining usually results from feeling overwhelmed.

5) God hears every word.

6) Complaining always is a result of a lack of faith.

7) Complaining is often linked to physical wants.

8) Complaining truly upsets God.

9) The end result of complaining is self-pity and worse.

10) God is big enough… he really is.

Keep praying for God’s Spirit to take hold. We must be making progress or the oven wouldn’t be this hot! I’m holding fast to the Ginaism that says, “Some people are reading the Bixle, but I’ve decided to try and live it.” How about you?

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)