Nepal Team Update 072109


Hi Everyone,

Great news… after sending the blog entry last night, I walked back to the hotel and was met by the District Medical Officer, whom I have known for quite some time now. He is a young and energetic man, intelligent, and forward thinking.  We discussed this and that over tea and I asked him about the best treatment for infant malnourishment, thinking about Salome, the baby that I met a few days earlier with some severe problems.  I mentioned the baby and my suspicions and before I could finish, he finished the list of symptoms for me!   His final question was, “does the baby ‘cat cry’?”  Yes, she does, but with a smile on her face… strange.

Next, he asked me to go ahead and arrange for a CT scan in Pokhara, which these days (no electricity and landslides) seems like a world away.  He’ll look at it and if the suspected treatment is indicated, he will arrange for care and surgery in Kathmandu, at Bir Hospital in the future!  He is not a believer, but, hey, God can use anybody, right?  I really like the man and we are becoming friends.

Today, we returned from one of our daily treks; this time to Kagbeni.  Because of a tight school curriculum and upcoming exams, we will not be going back there this Summer, to the school, at least.  It was a sad goodbye in some ways but we really have started to hone our English teaching abilities and we left on a definite high.

The young people are doing it all now and I just go and buy them walking snacks… not really, but is seems like that!  We are wearing through our clothes due to the harsh conditions here with amazing speed… socks are wearing out, clothes are fading in the intense light, etc.  The whole team will be in need of a complete wardrobe come 17 August, I think.  Melissa is keeping track of  the mileage and walking  distances and it is really adding up.  More to follow on this later.

Tomorrow begins our two split days where part of the team stays and teaches in Jomsom and the other half goes up to Lubra… a long walk and they swap on Thursday.

Wednesday is also a total eclipse of the sun here at about 7AM and many of the locals have flocked to a nearby Hindu holy site, called Muktinath as that belief system is linked to astrology somehow.  Dikchhya is scheduled to travel to Kathmandu in preparation for meeting the crew coming from Maine this weekend.  So, suffice it to say, keep us in your prayers while we are stretched thin.

Many blessings,

Carl for the team!