Nepal Team Update 072309

Dear friends,

This was the assignment at school today. The children were asked to “Compare and contrast six things things between life in America and Nepal.”  If you can name seven things, you will receive a prize.  This ended up being a really good lesson!  These seventh graders were very intelligent!

All is well here and we are without  any illness or injuries. Dikchhya is still in Kathmandu and is busy coordinating wth Gina (US) the ins and outs of when to pick up the Machias Group in Kathmandu. Josh has been briefed to retrieve a ticket at the domestic airport terminal in Kathmandu as soon as he steps out of the international terminal and to proceed to move forward on to Pokhara, so that he can meet up with the rest of the gang. All of them will then leave for Jomsom from there .

Thanks for your prayers, we need them now more than ever!

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions