Nepal Update (Melissa) 072709


Well, my first missions trip is nearly halfway through.  I really can feel that I have been impacted in more ways than one so far. God keeps showing me his marvelous wonders each day, especially his precious children.  He does care for each and every one just like he does for me.  Yes, the children have impacted me the most here in Mustang.  Their interest in reading, the smiles on their faces, and the joy that they have even when they have no material.  While they all do have a few things, it is in vain without the love of Chxxst in their lives though. They are really lost.

For example, we taught a lesson about the terms “compare and contrast,” to the kids last week.  We discussed family, government, sports, and religion.  As far as religion, we discussed the holidays in Nepal, like Dasai and Losar, but also Western holidays like Easter and Christmas.  The students have been taught to rank order the religions in Nepal as Hindx, Bxddhixt, Chrisxxan, and then Islxm.  It really made me think that while they see Christxxnity as third, it is our primary mission in life… Chrxxt!

For the rest of the class, we discussed how many in the class were Budxxist , Hindx, etc.  One boy raised his hand and announced that he was Chxxstian (probably trying to win favor), but when asked the meaning of Christmas, he hadn’t a clue. His deskmate, a Buddhxxt boy was able to answer correctly.

I quess what I am trying to say is that I hope that I can open their hearts to at least wonder about God, and maybe see their ears one day open to Him through our efforts and actions.  Sadly, we were told to not come back to one school where we were working because we were interfering with their other lessons, which I cannot understand at all. I do hope that we will be able to see them again at least once before we leave Mustang.

Melissa for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)