Nepal Update (Billie) 072709


The people of Nepal are just as diverse as their landscape.  Some are warm and friendly while others are as cold and hard as the snow-capped mountains.  Still, others are searching!  And, that brings hope.

Most of the people here are eager to practice the little English that they know.  They want to know all about our lives in America.  The conversations that we have are an important part of building relationships for future work here.  Last Saturday, we played with the kids at a local hostel.  When I started to play football (soccer) with the boys, they were hesitant but after a short while, they warmed up and we had a great time.

Most people warm up to us, but a few do not.  I can remember one girl in particular in a higher class grade who would try her hardest to not look at any of us or even talk to us.  I don’t know why, but it was evident that she wanted nothing to do with us.  In class, she would only answer when asked directly.  It was so sad to see this.

Some are searching for the true God too!  On Sunday I met a man at the hospital who told Carl and I that he was Hindu by birth to Hindu parents, but that he was not sure if he was Hindu.  He continues to talk to us saying that essentially he was still searching for the real God.  Well, I know where he can find what he is looking for!

Billie for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)