Gina Update 073009


Touching words flooding my email. It only seems fitting to share with you what the body of Chrixt looks like when things get a little tough. I hope you find them as encouraging as I do!

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)

Lxxd,  I pray for Carl and Gina and thank You so much for the ministry opportunities You’ve allowed me in Nepal.  God, I am so grateful to serve in any capacity with them as I know their hearts and minds are focused on You.  In this time of trial, God I ask that You will bless Your ministry, that You will use it to honor and glorify Yourself, that You will use this situation mightily, that the hearts and minds of those traveling back to Kathmandu will also be focused entirely on You and Your will.  Lxxd, please let each of us empty ourselves of our own desires and wills and submit only to You, Lxxd.  Lxxd, I can only trust in that “all things work together for good” and I claim Your promise of sxxipture, Lxxd, that You will ultimately be glorified and not ourselves.  Lxxd, encourage our dear fellow laborers in You, that You will be glorified.  Encourage Carl and Gina and Josh and the ministry of Arise and the people from Machias in this time of trial.  We know that You are with us, please keep us all safe.  We love You.  So be your will Lxxd.


Seems to be a good time to be both awake and on the internet! What you wrote about the “borrowed faith” is exactly what I’m feeling. I love this expression! Sometimes I use the picture of the Armor of God – if someone’s shield is broken or just not so big the others can hold up their shields for them. That’s exactly what I will do! When we were scheduled to fly out of Pokhara to Jomsom there where all these clouds and they told us we couldn’t fly out. But Jxsus removed those clouds. I will tell all the Arise friends here in Germany to pray!


Dear Gina,

I’m following the blog and pray for the team(s) every day. It’s a long time for the Maine team now to be on the road (more or less, though). I myself found it a hard but necessary lesson to learn, that traveling in Nepal is different than in our western countries. Even if my travel went smooth, you feel put on hold through delays, traveling a day ahead because you never know, long journeys because of just one road… but what am I talking about, you know! Patience is not my best, but God showed me this is what I need. So I really pray for the Maine team to see that it is true that God can work all things for good, even long delays and disturbing travel circumstances! And that they will be surprised by Him changing every trouble in something just perfect. And I will pray for Austin, of course!