Nepal Team Update 072909

Day three of not being able to fly to Jomsom has now occurred. Hence, the group from Maine has made a collective decision to attempt to travel by Jeep. Quite a few people have been called to participate in unyielding prayer that will force the enemy  to stop standing in the way of them getting to Jomsom. I received more emails today than I was almost able to open but one came from someone that doesn’t even know that we have a team in Jomsom and one in Pokhara. At the end of his signature block, he signed his email and said, “Don’t forget Joshua 1:9.”

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

I had just arrived from chxrch where an interim speaker spoke on the Book of Numbers: Chapter 32. His speaking was so applicable to the situation that I could not help but realize it was a word from the Lxxd. We must pray for God to reveal himself over the next 12 hours to the group as they proceed forward.

Some have asked “What is the solution when you’re praying and it doesn’t seem as if there has been any breakthrough?” I’m no expert but I have been told that the solution is to keep praying without ceasing… while eating, while working, and even in between sleep.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)


Hi Everyone,

While we are sad that our new arrival team members are still stranded in Pokhara, we continue to minister here in Jomsom.  We have increased our activity in an ancient and remote village of Lubra, which is at minimum, a two to three hour walk one-way from our guest house.  We are teaching English to the lower grades on Monday/Tuesday and the older grades on Wednesday/Thursday.

The team is stronger and has adapted well to the rugged terrain, steep climb, altitudes and weather encountered to get to and from this school.  Yesterday, the walk up brought a light rain and walk down, the usual 40 mph headwind.  Also, on Wednesday and Thursdays, we teach to the upper classes of a local boarding school and have been connecting well with not only the children, but the teachers too.

Walking anywhere in town now takes longer for all of us, as we are obliged to “stop and talk,” on a regular basis.  As an interesting side note, the shop owner that fills our water bottles twice each day asked the other day if we were Christians and were there many Christians in America?  She must be seeing something in our character and prayerfully hope that it is glorifying.

The attached photo is looking out of my window this morning.  The airplane that will bring our remaining team must approach from  right (southwest) and as you can see, the pass at about 10,000 feet is blocked with low clouds and has been that way for two days now.  I stress, that this is normal and could last another couple of days. The landing approach that the pilots use is usually almost an uphill landing… meaning that they often almost have to fly uphill to land, leaving no margin for bad weather.  They don’t take chances and we don’t mind the inconvenience.  This is a part of ministering here that you just have to get used to.

Blessings for  an awesome team in Jomsom,

Carl, Austin, Nick, Billie, Melissa, and Rachelle for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)