Nepal Team Update (Machias Group) 073009

Hi Gina,

I was meeting with a Believer we met here during our dental outreach in Jomsom on my first trip to Nepal and trying to see if he had any opportunities for projects for the team.  It was great to see him, encourage him and be encouraged by him, but there was nothing that was available to just hop into without taking some time to set things up.

We loaded up this morning and set out by ground for Jomsom with all of our supplies, but came to a roadblock due to a stuck truck about 4 hours into our trip, about 15 kilometers before Beni.  We waited a while for it to clear, but eventually turned back due to the fact that we wouldn’t know where to stay for the night, and we couldn’ find anybody to help us carry our stuff.  So we’re back in Pokhara.

It was at least good to get out of Pokhara and we had some good laughs along the way.  We also had some great laughs over dinner.  The team is planning to go to the leprosy hospital tomorrow to see what can be done there.  I am planning to call Marje shortly about my return date, and then call Carl regarding his plan for me and Dikchhya and the two teams and what he would like for us to do.

I would still like to make it up to Jomsom if it is practical and helpful, but can help wherever it’s needed.  I think we are all relieved about a decision being made for the Machias team to stop trying to get to Jomsom and direct efforts elsewhere.  Decisions made were in accordance with the feelings and wishes of the group, and we’ve been able to minister to others while we’ve been waiting – Praise the LXXD! – He works ALL things for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purpose!

We met a lady, an old Tibetan woman at the refugee camp and talked and listened to her for a while and she allowed us to pray for her.  It was a sweet God appointment.  She complained of eye trouble.  She had had it looked at but was understandably apprehensive about the surgery, which would cost about $130 according to her.  We thought about trying to arrange for her surgery but were unsure of all of the logisitcs that would entail and what we could realistically do for her.

Josh for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

We are still in Pokhara.  Today we tried to get to Jomsom by jeep but had to turn around as the road was impassable due to a truck stuck in the mud.  We were not prepared to hike from that point so had no choice to head back to Pokhara. While we have been here waiting for the weather to clear, we visited the Tibetan Refugee Camp and had an awesome chance to share the Word with an elderly lady.  While visiting her “shop” we noticed a Gxspel track and began to talk to her about it.  We ended up prxying for her and with her.  It was an amazing time definitely lead by the Lxrd.

Last night we were able to visit with and prxy with a local Pxstor that Josh (a team member from Florida) knows from his past visits here.  It was great to be able to hear his story and spend time in prxyer together. Looks like we may not make it to Jomsom.  Our turn around date was either Sunday or Monday depending on conditions – more than likely it would be Sunday…  as of right now, we are planning on staying in Pokhara and seeing what Gxd may have for us as we will visit the leprosy hospital and see if
there is anything we can do for them.  We will also be checking in with the local pxstor to see if we can be of any help with anything for the next few days.

The trip has not gone as planned and prxyed for. That is ok – Gxd is still in control and has other plans. It is just our job to be listening for them.  The team is doing remarkably well for all that we have been through over the last few days.  There is disappointment as well as excitement as to what the next few days may have in store.  Plans change, but the vision is still the same – to make a difference for Him wherever we find ourselves. Thanks for your prayers.  Keep it up.

Jeff for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

We planed to head to Jomsom on the jeep today, but got stuck in between Pokhara and Beni. There was a huge truck which was stuck on the road. We waited for an hour and half and then planned to walk but we were in such a place where there was no one who was willing to carry the luggage, which the team had.

We prayed and we tried to search for help. Getting no help, the team planned to return to Pokhara. The ride back was sad thinking that we won’t be seeing the team today. Right now I am in the internet cafe, and it is raining hard, hopefully we will be able to see blue sky tomorrow.  So far we are all doing good in Pokhara. I know you have been praying for use. Thank you and please do keep on praying for us.

~Dikchhya for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)

Well, it seems as if the Machias Group has returned to Pokhara and they will be heading back to Kathmandu when Carl arrives. They are safe and sound there, all be it disappointed that this trip has not resulted in the experience for which they had hoped. All medical outreaches scheduled in Jomsom have been cancelled for now. Kids are doing well in Jomsom and continue on with their ministry there. Thank you for your prayers! Special thanks to the Arise Communications team who have tirelessly been vigilant in tracking the team’s whereabouts without missing a beat.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions