Carl Update 073109

I’m glad to report that I made it to Pokhara. It took me exactly twelve hours of travel time to go about 140 kilometers!  Everyone said it was impossible but I know who made it happen!  There were numerous and I do mean numerous landslides and after five jeep changes, two buses and a taxi ride, it is over for today.

Also, I walked about fifteen miles too but after the conditioning in Jomsom, that was a piece of cake!  Josh and Dikchhya also went to the airport and were fortunate enough to catch a ride up to Jomsom.  I actually saw the plane fly over twice and just had to laugh to myself, but after you are here for a while and you NEED to get somewhere, you know what options are viable for each situation and going down by ground had to happen today and with no chance of a “no fly” day!

I plan to meet up with my “homies” here in a little bit but just wanted to say thanks for your prayers. It has become ever apparent to me that it clearly was not in God’s plan for the Maine team to go up to Mustang.  Do I know why?  No.  But I do know that the phrase we use here to explain away the unexpected is “NWA,” or Nepal Wins Again!  It is a part of ministry here and we are never used to it but thoroughly conditioned to expect it!


Do me a favor and take a look at the pics as they say it all.  This was my last look for about six days of the teaching team in Jomsom this morning.  I’ve also included a picture of the road too!  The boulder, by the way, is the size of a house, just to give you perspective!


I’m really glad that I can post this picture without my wife worrying about me too much. Actually, I stand corrected in knowing that she worries about me more than she is willing to admit. Now for a little rest and a chance to reconnect with the group.


~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)