Nepal Team (Machias Group) 080109

Josh and Dikchhya made it to Jomsom on a flight today.  Carl is on his way to Pokhara by foot and jeep.  They made the third flight that left around 11:00 am.  We will stay put and wait for Carl. Gina – all is well here.  We were a bit disappointed and emotional when the plane for Jomsom left and we were not on it, but we all believe that He is in control and we are good with that.

This trip has been an amazing experience and it is only half over.  The Lxrd has been stretching me in ways I did not expect to be stretched as far as waiting and trusting goes… I knew it would be a demanding trip, but not demanding in the way I am experiencing it.

I hope that you and Carl do not feel bad for us.  We are fine and will just enjoy the down afternoon as far as resting goes.  Today will be a good day to regroup and refocus – just to enjoy Him.  I have learned that Nepal is not a hard place to do mxnistry in, it is almost impossible… the spiritual darkness as well as the difficulty of life…  I just never knew.

You know that we are committed to you and Carl and Arise.   God birthed it and you guys have been nurturing it along, making the difference in lives beyond what you know.  The young lady you sent to take care of us is amazing… we have so grown to love her in the last few days.  We will take care of her with many care packages this year in school… she has been a great representative of the Lxrd and of Arise.

It has been good to hang with Josh.  He is a great young man with a strong love for Him…  we will miss them both but are anxious for the next few days with Carl.  It will be good to reconnect with him and spend time together. That will be worth the trip.

ALl is well.

~Jeff for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)