Nepal Team Update (Machias Group) 080109

Just wanted to update everyone on things here in Nepal for the Machias Group. We are headed to Kathmandu in about one hour (flying… PTL!).  We will settle in to our guest house and then see what the Lxrd has for us over the next few days.

In our devotions last night, we read from Acts 16 (thanks Dr Mace!) and were reminded that in the midst of a journey, there are Lydias all along the way. We have met a few ‘Lydias” and are thankful that the Lxrd gave us the opportunity to minister to them..

Another reoccurring theme in our devotions has been from the Psalms.  Our God is in the heavens and HE does what pleases Him.  A good reminder for our group during these few days here.

All is well.  We have all been in good health and no real problems to speak of.  We miss Dikchhya and Josh. We really enjoyed our few days with them, but are glad they made it to Jomsom and are part of the team there.

Continue to pray for us as we travel today and for the next few days.

Jeff for Arise Medical Missions (Pokhara)