Gina Update 080209


Yahoo! The time has finally come for Brian and Kristen to come to Nepal and try their hand at making it to Jomsom to minister with the rest of the team. Brave souls are they! Not really. You don’t have to worry about being brave when you aspire to worship the King. Still, please start praying for their journey to go off without a hitch. Carl is currently awaiting their arrival in Kathmandu and will promptly retrieve them and head for Pokhara and then Jomsom to be with the rest of the group. Brian and Kristen are a really wonderful young couple who serve in various capacities within their local chxrch. We are soooooooooooo excited to have them share in His service. Also, family and friends are to accept a warm welcome to the Arise Blog of Courage that will follow their journey. May God bring you excitement and strength as you trust in the Lxxd to be the loving and gracious Father that he promises to be!

Immediate prayer requests:

1) No worries about their journey

2) God’s obvious presence on their trip

3) No delays

4) That their internal body clocks will readjust accordingly to the lengthy travel

~ Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)