Nepal Team Update (Brian/Christen) 080309 0749


Hi everyone,

We have safely arrived in London and are already checked in for our next flight. We are waiting to see what gate we are assigned to but are all ready to go. We will be in touch in Bahrain if it is possible.

God Bless,

Christen and Brian

Good deal. Fortunately Brian and Christen have a very short layover in London. Just enough time to look around for a few hours and get stretched and then back to the plane. The next leg of their journey is to Bahrain and they will arrive there in the evening, with just a few hours to spare. This is where they will start to get tired from crossing international time zones and being forced to quickly adjust. Please continue to keep them in your prayers as well as the team that they are traveling to meet!

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)