Nepal Team Update (Brian/Christen) 080409 0650

Well, I am writing from Jomsom and why am I writing from Jomsom a day earlier than anyone had expected, you may ask?  Because God is awesome, that’s why.  I met Brian and Christen at the international airport at 8AM, as planned, after getting Jeff’s team off to teach English at a school at 7 AM.

I saw them immediately and we grabbed their bag and walked directly over to the Domestic Airplane Terminal to wait for our flight to Pokhara and were planning to remain overnight there and try for a Jomsom flight on Wednesday morning.  Our plane arrived exactly 26 minutes later in Pokhara and taxied to the parking place. However, before the engines could be turned off, I noticed that the STOL aircraft that services the Jomsom route was untypically present.

So, I got to thinking, they should have been done flying hours ago as the winds are usually too high for safe operations at noontime.  Still, I asked if there were seats and was told, “no.”  Then the station manager contacted the other  mountain airline and they sold me three seats on the spot and twenty minutes later we were all inside the Dornier with props turning!

Was it a scary flight, yes! Was it exciting, yes! Had I asked God for a means to return to the mountains as quickly as possible, yes! Did he provide, yes! So, here we sit in Jomsom after a cup of tea and a bowl of noodles thanking the Lxxd for answered prayer and reminding myself to be careful what I ask for.

All of us our safe and sound and yes, I am happy to be “home.”   Today is a split crew teaching day where half teach and half are off.  The half that were in the guest house on our arrival were visibly and physically shocked that we were there… stunned is more like it.  Sadly, they had deviated from the menu recommendations and their rooms were not as clean as I wished…. so, they were a little busted but all in all, everything was just fine!

I couldn’t help but think how quickly they had allowed themselves to revert to following their own paths despite clear instructions, but then again, isn’t that the human way, even to the point of using our precious phone despite my directive not to. Gina had begged me to return promptly and she was right to do it. Interestingly, there has never been a single time in my history of being here that the Lxxd has allowed me to fly directly back to Jomsom vs. the usual two day wait. Fear not, I’m back now and we’ll get back on schedule and tend to the task at hand.


Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)