Nepal Team Update 080509

I’ll bet you’ve guessed that I have become the defacto “Blog writer” up here in Mustang and I suppose so.  What I have noticed is that our young people are not, or do not appear to be as academically equipped in composition as us old-timers.  That also goes for my son as well.  They are often hard pressed to sit and compose from their hearts and I feel that this is definitely a result of the generation of computer-savvy and pencil-challenged young people that we are raising.  No, they are not off the hook and you’ll get to hear from them in coming days and yes, I am venting a little here but this is as bad as it will get.

The ministry here in Mustang is progressing fine and in about a week, we’ll start to wrap up things and head back down.  Until then, we are full steam ahead with activities planned, maintaining flexibility around the sudden but expected “holidays”, and other kinds of daily challenges.

Brian and Kristen are becoming acclimatized and getting through jet lag but came out and played Frisbee at the soccer field today.  I took Kristen and Billie to see Rena’s baby today and suddenly noticed that the added coaching and food supplements are starting to pay off.  The baby is gaining weight, suddenly more active, and can even nearly roll over unassisted!  Praise only goes to God for this and please continue to pray for Salome as she is still fragile and there is no real long-term plan for therapy.  The mother is really trying and the living conditions and family dymanics are about as bad as they can be.


Finally, we said good-bye to Josh this morning and we hear that he is already back in Kathmandu.  He departs Friday.


OK, now off to set up a few more activities and then a huge plate of dal bhat awaits me!


Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)