Nepal Team Update 081009

Hi Everyone,

All well here and back safely from the medical camp and teaching in Lupra.  It was a good day and over the last two weeks, the whole thing has been paying off.  The new eye clinic guy from the hospital came with us and examined all 63 children’s eyes at the school but the amazing thing is that all the way up and back, we talked about Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, and the Bxxle… a lot about the Bxxle.

He is really seeking peace and a few days ago, he showed up asking where he could buy a Bxxle and I just happened to be carrying a Nepali/English translation New Txxtament and handed it over to him.  He has read  several chapters of John and is very open to hear more, so we are all obliging his inquiries.

We also completed teaching in two schools today, plus completed a medical camp for one of them.  When we walk through Jomsom, it takes a long time as so many people want us to stop and talk, especially school kids.  Though we are not really talking about it, we are all sad in our own way about the fact that our days are numbered in the low single digits now, as long as the plane comes on time.

Attached are a few photos from Lubra School Medical Camp today.


We are due to depart on Wednesday from Jomsom, but as I mentioned countless times, little happens as planned here and so, we will start to depart as planned one way or another later this week, but which day this actually happens and by what means is still undetermined.  We’ll let you when and where we have “landed” but probably not until Friday or Saturday, so please be patient with our home staff.  Until we do depart, we will continue to minister at the fullest capacity.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, we plan a full day of school sessions in two remote locations, as usual.


Blessings from all of us,

Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)