Nepal Team Update 081109

Dear Friends and Family,

Remember that we operate on the premise that “no news is good news.” I suspect that our team is figuring out what the best way to depart from Jomsom is. The weather hasn’t permitted too many flights so it’s a toss up of whether to repeat what Carl did last week, which was take local transportation down to Pokhara and walk for a portion or not. I must say that it is an amazingly beautiful walk but it’s a very long route (90 miles), winding, and taxing to say the least. All I can say is that it is what it is.

I’m most certain that we will hear from them when they get to Pokhara. Some of you may be wondering if I’ve spoken to Carl myself and the answer is “no.” Am I worried… absolutely not. It’s not unusual when he’s trying to go from point A to point B to conserve his precious SAT minutes and that is exactly what we want him to do.

In case you didn’t know, in order for a SAT Phone to work, you need to be up “high.” In the team’s case, remember, they were up “high” and now they are going towards being down “low.” They will be surrounded on all sides by a mountain range that won’t allow easy access to an orbiting satellite for a connection. Secondly, it’s downright “silly” to take out a SAT Phone when you’re trying to lay low and avoid theft. We definitely don’t want that to happen. Also, I failed to mention that not only does he have 1 SAT Phone with him but he actually has a second one for back-up.

Someone recently called and said, “How do you do this? Don’t you worry? Well, I just feel like that is an easy answer. I know that “worry” isn’t from the Lxxd and I try to stay away from things that fall prey to that. Being in the mission field strengthens your faith ten-fold so you tend to able to go without a lot of things and know that when God is ready, he will most definitely reveal himself.

Last of all, I go on with life and focus on my ministry on this end. Oh, I forgot another very important thing that I do when I really need to hear from Carl and he’s nowhere to be found is that I pray like a mad woman. I have to say that it usually is over something important, but honestly, that’s exactly what I do. I’m not kidding but there have actually been some times when I wasn’t even done praying and the phone was ringing. I love it when God answers prayer quickly!

OK, so that’s the down and out secret of how I work with God to stay in touch with the team. I’ve often written on this blog about how when you decide to follow Jesxs, you either have to do it all the time or not at all. God doesn’t seem to like it when we treat him like a Genie in a bottle.

You know what I’m talking about… where God lives on one of the shelves in your mind and gets dusty until you need a favor. Then all of a sudden, he comes into your thinking and you try hard to get a quick response out of him. After-all, that’s what the Hindus do with their gods and goddesses and the Buddhist do with Buddha. Why on earth would I want to do that with my loving Father?

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)