Nepal Team Update (Nick) 081209

Well, we’ve developed relationships, taught English, and hopefully left a mark on where we’ve been. Four weeks in a village called Jomsom has not only affected the people who lived there, but also us. As we boarded the plane I thought of Xanadu, Lubra, And Dhaulagiri School. I thought of the hospitality and friends I was leaving behind.

The sheer contentment these people had in the lives they shared was shocking. Early every  morning I woke up to the same breakfast and the same long walk but when I saw the impact I was leaving, I was astounded! The kids took to us quickly, the town accepted us as friends! All from simply walking and talking.

As I leave Nepal I will pray for all who have crossed paths in that mountain range with this team, and hopefully see them again. But now tired and weary, I’m ready to go home.

~Nick for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)